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It has now been more than four months since the GDPR was enacted, leaving corporations around the world grappling with the implications.  Bryan Clark recently offered some insights in Digital Journal’s “Q&A: Analyzing GDPR’s Impact So Far,” where he discussed the impact of GDPR on people and companies operating outside of Europe, similar privacy laws that may impact the U.S., how businesses can prepare for new privacy laws, and the impact on consumers.

To read Bryan’s full Q&A with Digital Journal, please click here.

Blaine Kimrey was recently quoted in the AdExchanger article “French Startup Teemo Appeases GDPR Regulators, Avoids a Fine.” The article focused on Paris company Teemo, which recently received a warning from France’s data protection authority for using data without informed consent in violation of the new GDPR laws.

Blaine pointed out the relative regulatory flexibility of GDPR enforcement in comparison to some U.S. regulatory authorities and reminded readers that EU regulators aren’t gunning to put small businesses out of business, stating GDPR is “mainly intended to guide behavior, to encourage compliance, not as a vehicle for penalizing.”

To read Blaine’s comments and the article in full, please click here.

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